New Shiloh Fiddler

The Shiloh winery began operations in 2005 in a state-of-the art facility overlooking the breathtaking views of the Benjamin strip in Israel's Central Mountain region. The Shiloh Legend is a boundary-breaking red blend of 45% Shiraz, 40% Petite Sirah, 9% Petit Verdot and 6% Merlot. This creates a very nice color, particularly at the rim where it creates a nice and bright purple color. The middle is a nice medium purple color. This wine has a good aroma of a well balanced of mix of fruit and wood. The fruit aroma is that of ripe red fruit, such as ripe cherries and ripe raspberries Then the oak aroma comes on with hints of vanilla, caramel, cedar, chocolate. There is a sweetness to the nose, almost like chocolate coated raspberries. The wine has a medium bodied taste with the spice from the syrah coming on strong in the mouth. The mid palate is dominated by woody pepper, but the acid is good and balanced though maybe just a touch strong at the end through the finish. The tannins are light but present and the finish is filled with pepper and a strong alcohol so there is a slight burn at the back of the throat but not in any way overpowering.

  • VarietalsBlend
  • Wine TypeTable Wine
  • Alcohol Content14.20%
  • Case Size:12
  • Wine Size750 ml
  • Color (Wine)Red
  • DrynessDry
  • MevushalMevushal
  • ProducerShiloh
  • RegionIsrael
  • SupervisionChug Chasam Sofer

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Shiloh Fiddler

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