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2T Yarden, 2018

This wine is made from the two Portuguese varieties Touriga Nacional and Tinta Cao, grown in Yonatan..

1,350.00 грн

Cabernet Sauvignon Yarden, 2016

Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon is made from a number of the finest Cabernet vineyards in the Golan Height..

1,215.00 грн

Gamla Brut Sparkling Wine

Gamla Brut non-vintage sparkling wine features delicate lemon, floral, lime and green apple notes. F..

945.00 грн

Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon was produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and small amounts of Merlot and Cabern..

756.00 грн

Gamla Merlo 2016

Gamla Merlot was produced from Merlot and a small amount of Cabernet Sauignon, all grown in the Gola..

756.00 грн

Hermon Red Yarden 2019

Yarden Mount Hermon Red was produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with a small amount of Caber..

540.00 грн

Kogan Cognac Kosher Collection

The unique cognac KOGAN is distinguished with its mild taste and noble aroma. In this cognac the mas..

945.00 грн

Malbec Yarden, 2016

The 2013 Yarden Malbec exhibits dominant notes of fruit, especially ripe cherries and plums, layered..

1,215.00 грн

Odessa Brut Sparkling Wine

Odessa Brut sparkling wine is characterized with aromas of tea-rose, jasmin, exotic fruit. The taste..

540.00 грн

Petit Verdot, Yarden, 2016

The Yarden Petit Verdot presents appealing red and black fruit characters, with hints of anise, flow..

1,215.00 грн

Pinot Noir Yarden 2016

Yarden Pinot Noir is quite possibly the finest Israeli example of this delicate varietal. Grown at h..

1,215.00 грн

Star of Odessa Semi Sweet Sparkling Wine

Odessa Semi-sweet sparkling wine is characterized with aromas of exotic fruit and orange. The taste ..

540.00 грн

Syrah Bar'on Vineyard Organic Yarden 2016

The 2014 Yarden Syrah Bar’on Vineyard exhibits ripe cherry and blackberry fruit notes, with layers o..

2,430.00 грн

Galil Gewurztraminer 2017

The first of Gewurztraminer grapes from the Menara Vineyard. An aromatic and refreshing wine with de..

810.00 грн

Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from the higher elevations of the Upper Galilee, this is a full-bo..

675.00 грн
Galil Mountain Ela 2016 New

Galil Mountain Ela 2016

Aged in French oak for one year, Galil Mountain Ela is an elegant red blend with notes of sour cherr..

945.00 грн
Galil Mountain Merlot 2018 New

Galil Mountain Merlot 2018

An elegant Merlot from the Upper Galilee with firm structure and full aroma. Complex berry fruit com..

675.00 грн
Galil Mountain Yiron 2016 New 2 - 3 Days

Galil Mountain Yiron 2016

Galil Mountain Yiron is a tasty blend of 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot, and 7% Syrah grown in t..

1,215.00 грн
Heights wine Yarden 2017 New

Heights wine Yarden 2017

Yarden Heights Wine is made from frozen clusters of Gewurztraminer. This sweet wine, made in the sty..

945.00 грн

Kosher Collection Cabernet

Produced from Cabernet-Sauvignon . The wine has a bright, lively, dark ruby or dark garnet coloring,..

270.00 грн

Mount Hermon Rose 2018

The 2017 Mount Hermon Rosé displays attractive aromas of strawberries and cream, along with pleasing..

540.00 грн

Petit Castel 2017

50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot, 5% Petit Verdot. Domaine du Castel is an Estate West of Jerusale..

1,620.00 грн
Yarden Blanc De Blanc 2011 New

Yarden Blanc De Blanc 2011

Yarden Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine possesses a delicate, yet complex mixture of characteristics, ..

1,350.00 грн
Yarden Brut Rose 2013 New

Yarden Brut Rose 2013

Yarden Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine possesses a delicate, yet complex mixture of characteristics, ..

1,350.00 грн